team coaching

You have a mission, vision or strategic plan. You may even have a more detailed plan of how those things come alive.

Here’s where Rise up Work comes in. We’ll walk your team through steps, including:

  • Listing out all the pieces of your product or service
  • Prioritizing that list based on what’s most valuable to your customers
  • Creating a negotiable, lightweight plan
  • Agreeing as a team on how you’ll work together
  • Running “ceremonies” to help plan and do work incrementally
  • Reflecting on your progress & continually improving
  • Having fun & being a better team

These steps all incorporate agile principles, and will help you understand each other and your work. The goal: you get a better end result and have a better time doing it.

This is hands-on training, and is easiest if we can all be in the same location. We’ll get you started and check in with you regularly as you learn. You’ll have new discoveries – and maybe some brilliant mistakes – as you make these practices your own.

Call 804-307-6943 or email April Johnson for a consultation. Expect to invest a significant amount of time for your team once we get started. We can look at one project, or your whole “to do” list. No matter what your scope, we’ll include coaching for your builders with any team coaching package.