about me

feeling optimistic

Hi there! I’m April. I’m a coach, facilitator, dancer & gardener (among other things!). I’ve been working with teams to help them be more effective for about 10 years, and coaching/teaching Agile practices since 2006ish. I think about my work as a relationship, including people, things, thoughts, grand purposes… and changing the world. Work doesn’t have to be one thing all the time.

I created Rise Up Work to talk with others about work, about what really matters to us – and to help people find the work they love, the work that matters most to the world. Reach out to me if you have questions or topics to discuss! Comment on posts, or you can email me if your concern is more private.

I’m available for team or individual coaching and consultation. My focus is on agile practices for people and teams who want more nourishment from their work, especially when that work also nourishes the world.