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sucking at something

sucking at something is the first step to being really good at something

During the holidays, my partner gifted me this sweet notebook that makes me think “Workers of the the world, unite!” Right? This repurposed book cover would have suited something from the WPA, Marx or Trotsky. Or maybe Che Guevara – check out the mustache on the dude second row center. I love this thing. My […]

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find joy in study

find joy in continuous study

For some of us, studying and learning are exciting in and of themselves. If you’re one of these people, reading rarely feels like work, and you’d take “time off” for a class or inspiration. Your delight in learning may even come directly from work – in any case, you get this idea. You don’t need […]

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what’s under the table?

what's under the table?

Does your team feel safe expressing every idea that’s relevant to your work? Imagine your team sitting around a table. People either express what they’re thinking (putting their ideas, like cards, on the table) or they don’t (protecting their ideas by hiding them under the table. When we work in teams, we most likely only […]

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aim for good

aim for good

I heard this idea at a coaching conference a year or so ago (thus my vague attribution – I don’t actually remember who said it), in a talk about powerful questions. Coaches spend most of their time listening and understanding, and use questions to help spark insight. What do you think happens when a coach […]

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stay in your body

I jotted this little note in my Reiki training. [I? Am now trained and attuned to offer Reiki. I’m still learning and won’t be quitting the day job to be a Reiki master anytime soon – but it’s a great additional perspective to have on the energy of people, teams & the spaces they inhabit. […]

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here’s a resolution for you

Two guys on the radio – in the transition from talk to music format at the local volunteer radio station – shared this insight today. It’s a simple and ridiculous sort of resolution to make in the new year, but it’s also brilliant. Really! Brilliant! Think of all the times you struggle to do just […]

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every day is a legacy

What would you like to leave behind you? Whether it’s our work at one job, an interaction with one person, or our life, we all leave something behind when we go. I like to imagine my own leavings as a sort of treasure – something that people I touch can continue discovering well after I […]

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you’re not going to be on all the time

you're not going to be on all the time

I’ve had a month. I’ve been sick and consequently uninspired and productive. Inspirational messages come into my inbox, and frankly I’ve found them about as inspiring as an irksome “Black Friday” sales pitch. Well, I haven’t been entirely uninspired: this moved me to create a filtering system that enabled me to avoid both sales pitches […]

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who’s your greek chorus?

who's your greek chorus?

At a coaching conference several weeks ago, Madeleine Homan Blanchard spoke about, among other things, what keeps people from doing what they truly want to do. She gave me this idea about our internal greek choruses – her words for the judgmental, critical voices in our heads. You know the ones: the what would people […]

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be a transformation virus

be a virus of transformation

My friend Lyssa described Agile coaches [Don’t worry if they idea is unfamiliar. Just click Agile coaches for a nice post about what we are and do.] as “transformation viruses” in a conference presentation this summer. I’ve been walking around with this post-it in my notebook ever since, waiting for it to be The One […]

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